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Together, further, stronger


Bobsleigh is a team sport that is practiced by two and four men. Two teams with a single driver. Permanent evolution and teamwork are the primary factors of success. Performance on the track is divided as follows:

60% Mechanical equipment
15% Pilotage
15% Initial push
10% Random variables

Who we are ?

The project emerges in 2010. Raphaël RIBEIRO started as breakman during 3 years. He started in 2013 to learn how to pilot and after 7 years he began pilot for Portugal. Federation, sponsors and athletes are behind the project. Raphaël RIBEIRO is a talented pilot and also an engineer. To make performance Raphaël and his trainer were on the same line and decided to bring evolution on the material as a huge challenge. 2021 started PORTUGAL BOBSLEIGH HISTORY.


Together, further, stronger


Together, further, stronger

Objective : Olympic Games 2026

Bobsleigh is a sport that combines Mechanics, Engineering Systems, Strength and Intelligence. This wonderful sport provides strong sensations and adrenaline.

During centuries sled has been used as a mode of transportation, the sport of bobsleigh only begin the 19th century when people from Switzerland attached a steering mechanism to a toboggan.

Since 2021 Portuguese Federation, partners, sponsors, medical teams, coaches, mechanics, athletes, press, working side by side, for a single goal : MAKE PORTUGAL HISTORY.
Collectively, we must definitely make Portugal one of the strongest nations in the world.

During IBSF competitions the athletes generaly compete in 2-man and 4-man sleds. Today also Monobob sleds are being used for Para-sport competitions and the OMEGA IBSF Youth & women Monobob Series. The structure of all bobsleds is almost the same: steel frame, fiberglass or carbon body, mobile front runners and fixed rear runners, folding and fixed handles for pushing, steel brakes and
control system (D-rings).

Let’s GO

Olimpic games 2026

Sigulda bobsleigh track
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raphaël ribeiro : pilot n°1

Mechanical Engineer





Bobsleigh is a mechanical sport in the first place. Without performant equipment we cannot expect result. That’s why Portugal is investing in material last generation to perform.



The pilot is the bobsleigh guide. He is the sensor and the corrector to reach the fastest speed lines. He needs to be smart to correct as fast as possible the bobsleigh to avoid losing speed.

push start


Push start is essential for a good final result. Obviously this push start has to create the best acceleration as possible to increase the speed in track and perform.


Offers & Details


The best Portugal adventure since 1988


Equipment new generation


Team sponsor development


Make the history together

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No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

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Bobsleigh Team Portugal

Why invest in bobsleigh 

Invest in bobsleigh

It is a mechanical and physical challenge and we are in search of companies that share our work values, our determination and our willpower. We will work alongside you to enter in the history of Portugal. The main objective is making Portugal one of the strongest nation.

Portugal Challenge

Would you like to make the history of Portugal ?

Only together we can make Portugal one of the strongest nation.

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